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Marriage Support  - Married Couples 
In marriage, it’s hard to hide from relationship difficulties. Most conflicts are caused by the differences between you and your spouse. You have difficulty understanding each other and that causes friction. Yet, that friction can be a catalyst to change if a couple reaches out for solutions that so far have eluded them.

Marriage Support - Engaged Couples  
Most couples getting married believe that their relationship will not only last but that it will be happy. Yet, a couple getting married today has only a 50-60% chance of staying married. Those are not good odds. Would you like to reduce the possibility of a divorce by up to 31%?

Parenting Support
Raising children can be one of the most rewarding, as well as most challenging, experiences parents will face. It’s hard enough with both parents involved, but especially challenging for single parents.

Church Support
Many churches can’t afford to have a staff member whose primary responsibility is marriage and parenting. Frequently, anything done in those churches is through laypeople or overloaded staff members. The issue isn’t lack of desire; it’s usually lack of time or skills.

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