Your Home

Do you have harmony in your home? It can be difficult to achieve. Neither your spouse nor your children come with an instruction manual. You may feel that you’re putting a lot of effort into your home and not finding the level of harmony that you’re looking for. Harmony in the Home can help. We teach principles of relationships that work. Give us a chance to help you live with more Harmony in the Home.

Do you lead an organization that seeks to help its members have more harmony in the home? Do you lack resources to do that job as well as you’d like? Harmony in the Home will come along side your organization and add to your current efforts by training more people to help with the work.

Our Mission is to help couples live in harmony with each other and helping parents live in harmony with their children
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Marrige Counseling

We offer counseling for couples and provide tools that will help both of you create more harmony in your marriage.  

Parenting Courses

We offer classes and individual meetings to help parents and their children live with more harmony in the home.

Pre-Marital Counseling

We offer pre-marital counseling based on "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" along with corresponding workbooks.